Was George B. McClellan a coward general?



I picked George B. McClellan who was the general of Union. Usually, we think generals are brave and tough in any situation. However, McClellan was known for his coward and timid personality. Because his characteristics were quite different from most generals, I felt very interested about him. Actually I had only small information about him such as he is general of north and did not attack the south because he thought they have an extremely strong army. The first question that came to my mind was "Was he really a coward man?". Sometimes the history is not accurate that it can distort the truth. Maybe McClellan was recorded as timid person by people who did not like him. Maybe he was not actually timid but people just viewed him like that. Therefore, I really wanted to search about him and know the truth of McClellan.


1. Photo

[ President Lincoln, McClellan and his troops ]
Lincoln, McClellan, and his troops

[ General McClellan's grand march, 1861 ]
Grand March

[ A letter from Edwin M. Stanton to George B. McClellan ]
Edwin to McClellan

[ McClellan for 1865! ]
McClellan for 1865

2. Document

Lincoln visits General McClellan at Antietam (Stereograph)
General McClellan's grand march, 1861


1. Document

Spartacus Educational: McClellan
Civil War Home: McClellan

[ Lincoln's Address to George McClellan about the war (copied version. not the original letter) ]

2. Video

[ George McClellan Intro. ]

[ George B. McClellan vs Robert E. Lee ]
Youtube: George McClellan

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[ Cartoon about George B. McClellan ]
McClellan cartoons