The Islamic Empire




Current assignment:Use review notes and study assignments 1-5 for test


ASSIGNMENTS 1-5 ISLAM: WORK ON YOUR OWN PACE AFTER YOU FINISH QUIZ! Maps World Muslim Population.tiff Assignment 1 Look at the World Muslim Population map in the resources section above and answer the following questions on your student page 1. What are somethings that didn't surprise you about the information on the map? 2. Which areas/countries of the world are you surprised have a large Muslim population? 3. Which country has the highest Muslim population? Why do you think this country has the highest population? 4. Why do you think Islam is spread out so much?

Assignment 2- Please complete the map of countries in the middle east-turn this in today after Quiz

Assignment 3

Contributions of Muslims:

Using this link,complete handout in full sentences.Create your own symbol!

Assignment4- Complete handouts on the crusades.use:

Assignment 5 ESSAY

Assignment: Watch videos 1-3 and write a 2 page typed essay to one of these questions:

Islam- Empire of Faith

1. Compare the values/beliefs of Christians to those of Islam. Why did the Crusades happen?

2.What are the core values/beliefs that Muslims have? Why do they have these values?

You can use previous assignments and internet sources as well. This paper should show your knowledge of the subject matter.Outline for paper is as follows:

PARA> 1-- Topic Sentence/Describe what you will say in the paragraphs of your paper

PARA>2-3-4-- Each paragraph is a point you are making/Use specific examples from your research.Quotes are useful..

PARA>5- This simply Restates what you wrote about in a stronger,clearer way

Due: Wed April 15

r'an: The Qur'an is the sacred book in Ilsam. It is considered the actual word of God revealed to Prophet Muhammad through the Angel Gabriel. The word Qur'an means recitation in Arabic. The Qur'an was revealed in the Arabic language, and thus Arabic became the language of Islam. Since the revelations, the Qur'an has remained unchanged and is considered to be the guide for all Muslims in their daily life. Muslims believe that the Qur'an represents God's last and complete message to mankind, restating and elaborating the message of the previous prophets such as Moses, Abraham, David, and Jesus. It is made up of 114 suras, or chapters. Each sura has a name, such as "The Heights," "The Repentance," "Abraham," or "The Pilgrimage." The chapters are not ordered chronologically, but rather by length, with the longest chapter first. The Qur'an is considered by Muslims to be the most important book in the world. As a result, they treat copies of the Qur'an with the utmost respect.
Hadith: The Hadith is a compilation of the practices, traditions, and sayings of the Prophet Muhammad. Along with the Qur'an, it is considered a guide for Muslims to better understand and practice their religion. It is important for Muslims to follow the examples of the Prophet, who is considered the best role model of what a Muslim should be.

The Byzantine Empire

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