1.Emancipation Proclomation
-Lincoln frees all the slaves in the United States.

2.Gettysburg Address

3.Robert E Lee
The head commander of South

4.Second Bull Run

5.Battle of Antidam

1. Ulyss. S. Grant was such a bold, restless general of North, and as the commander of the Western Campaign of the North, he focused on taking back the Mississippi river, and he got the Mississippi river, and forced into Tenesse

b. By the battle of Siloh, Union army gained greater control of the Mississippi River valley.

c. Yes, I think the president would approve his actions, because he had to stop the war as quickly as he can, and make the Union together again.

2. In new orleans,Farragut sailed up the Mississippi River, taking Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and Natchez, Mississippi. He then approached the city of Vicksburg, Mississippi, and the union force fell down.

b, As food ran out, residents and soldiers survived by eating horses, dogs, and rats. “We are utterly cut off from the world, surrounded by a circle of fire,” wrote one woman. “People do nothing but eat what they can get, sleep when they can, and dodge the shells, as the siege started.

c.The North would gain much more power and they also got a great fort. The north would have a grater fate by the victory, and South lost their fate by the siege.


James K Polk
Wife Sarah- no children
known for his long workday
He wanted to bring California to the states
went to a war with Mexico 1846~1848

Zachary Taylor
Margaret, 4children
poor speaker
never registered to vote
relaxed manager

Milard Filmore
Whig 1850~1853
Abigail 2 children
avide reader
delegated authority
wanted slavery

Franklin Piers
1853~1857, Democrats
49 years old
wife Jane- 3 children

James Bucanan
never married

Abraham Lincoln

Missouri compromise- The congress passed the Missouri Compromise in 1820 which settled the conflict that has arisen from Missouri’s application for statehood. The United States congress decided to accept Maine into the Union as a slave state and as a free states, however they also agreed in that importing enslaved africans into Missouri would be illegal.

secession- is a formal withdrawal -Despite Lincoln’s belief that there could be no compromise about the extension of slavery numerous Southern Secessionists argued that they had the right to leave the Union. The ladder pointed out that the original states had voluntarily joined the Union and considering that without slave labor the Southerner’s economy and way of life will be destroyed, Southerner’s believed that states could leave the Union.

Compromise of 1850- With the compromise of 1850, introduced by Henry clay, California was able to enter the Union as a free state, and the rest of the Mexican Secession was divided into 2 territories Utah and New Mexico.In these two areas the question of whether to allow slavery would be decided by the public.

Fugitive Slave Law- The fugitive slave law stated that it was a crime to help to runaway slaves and allowed officials to arrest in free areas.

Uncle Tom’s Cabin”(1852)- it is an Anti-slavery novel written Harriet Beecher Stowe, the Northern people thought this novel is inspiring and great, but the southern people hated this book.

Ostend Manifesto(1854)- It was a secret document by diplomats of Ostend describing a plan to acquire Cuba from Spain.

Kansas Nebraska Act-It is a plan introduced by Stephan Douglas in 1854 that would divide the remainder of Louisiana purchase into 2 territories Kansas and Nebraska moreover. It allowed the people in each territory to decide to whether they were going to be a slave state or not.

Dred Scott case- is a supreme court case(1857) that concerned an enslaved man called Dred scott who claimed because he had lived in a free state he was no longer a slave when he returned to a slave state. The court said that it was not important whether he was free or slave because he was an African-American who was not considered a U.S citizen and therefore he cannot sue.

John Brown’s Raid - John Brown’ raid began on October 16 of the year 1859 when he and his men took over the Arsenal in Harpers Ferry Virginia in hopes of starting a rebellion. His plan failed and he was convicted of treason,murder, and conspiracy.

Election 1860- It is important because it reveals the decreasing political power of the Southern states.The northern Democrats represented by Douglas, Southern Democrats represented by Breckinridge, and the constitutional union party represented by John Bell all lost to Lincoln who was supported by a Unified Republican Party. Lincoln’s victory angered the Southerners because Lincoln did nor carry any southern states.

War Begin
1) Identify What event triggered the war between the Union and the Confederacy?
The battle of fort Sumter triggered the start of the war between the North and South.

2) Contrast How did the Union’s strategy differ from that of the Confederacy?
The north's plan was to cut off the south of its supplies and trading by blocking the Charleston port. They also planned the take over the Mississippi river ti divide the south. However, the south's plan was very simple and easy. They only needed to protect their land was wait until the north grew tired and gave up.

3)Evaluate Which side do you believe was best prepared for war? Explain your answer.
In my opinion the North was more prepared for war than the South. They were more smart and strategic than the South. They had an easy way to get the word around because of the railroads and telegraphs. The north was industrial and had more money than the South. There was more people in the north too. Even if the south had more land, it was made up of farms and plantations.

4)Describe How did women take part in the war?
The women helped out in the war by setting up emergency hospitals. They made food, prepared their uniforms, and did a good deal more.
5)Summarize In what ways were the armies of the North and South unprepared for war?
The North and South were both short on resources like ammo and guns. Also, a majority of the soldiers did not even know how to load a gun, in short they weren't trained. The north and south had no idea of the tragedies that would befall them in the war.
6)Why did men volunteer to fight in the war?
Men volunteered to fight in the war to fight for their beliefs, keep the country as one, and to gain glory. The south on the other hand, fought because they didn't want the Northerners in their land.

1) List the early battles in the East and the outcome of each battle.
After Forth Sumter, the battle of Bull Run took place. It was a bloody battle and the South claimed their victory. The two battles later called the Seven days battle and the second battle of bull run were all won by the south. The union at last made a victory in the battle of Antietam.

2) Why do you think the Union lost the First Battle of Bull Run?
In the first battle of Bull Run, people sat on the Hill to enjoy the battle. They had no idea what they were getting themselves into. They brought their wagons/carriages with them and blocked the North from retreating. The North also grew to tired and weary before beating the south.

3)Describe What costly mistake did the Confederacy make before the Battle of Antietam?
The Confederacy actually stepped over the border line and started to attack within the north.

4)What was the outcome of the Battle of Antietam, and what effect did it have on both the North and the South?
The north won the battle of Antietam however, this was one of the bloodiest wars in U.S history. Both sides both a considerably large amount of their troops.

5) Why do you think General George B. McClellan did not finish off General Robert E. Lee’s troops when he had the chance?
General George though that Robert's troops would counter attack his troops, so he divided his army into four and waited for the south's troops. They never came though, for they had retreated, and General George lost his chance to finish of Robert Lee's army.

6) Describe What was the Union’s strategy in the war at sea?

7)Why were ironclads more successful than older, wooden ships?
The ironclads were more useful because they didn't get knocked down as much for they were made of iron, also they could knock down the wooden ships down easily.