I Am "John Ross"

1. Who is your "I am..." person? What made you interested in this person?
My project is about John Ross, the well known Chief of the Cherokee indians. My project was originally "The Trail of Tears" which Cherokee indians had to move to Okalahoma by Andrew Jackson's new act. While I was researching about "The Trail of Tears", I remembered 'John Ross' which I once read it in the book. I read his letter called "The heart", letter wrote by John Ross to protest against the Jackson's act. As you read the letter you might feel Cherokee indians' and Ross' love of nature and their land. By his letter, I wanted to know his policies and contributions under his terms.

2. Explain what you already knew about your "I am..." person prior to beginning your research.
I already knew that he was the well known Cherokee indian chief under the term during the "Trail of Tears".

3. What are some of the questions that came into your mind about your person while
researching? What did you wonder about?
At first, I wanted to know his contributions which developed his nations. Also I thought of writting about his entire life and Cherokee Indain nation.

My Historical Question is "How did Chief John Ross contributed and affected Cherokee Indians during his term?"

Primary Sources

- This is the letter written by John Ross to U.S government of protesting of Andrew Jackson's Act.

- This is the Cherokee nation's constitution made by John Ross.

- This is the Cherokee alphabet designed by John Ross.

- This is the map of the "Trail of Tears" which Cherokee indians moved to Oklahoma.

There is no audio/speech of John Ross

  • This is the animation called "On a Spring day". It is about "The Trail of Tears" and spoken in Cherokee language.

  • This is the video called "The Cherokee Nation". It shows many pictures of Cherokee nation with the music called "The Cherokee Nation".

Photo images
  • This is the pictures of John Ross.
jrosszz.jpg v013p421photo.jpgCJ-8-29-05.gif

  • This is pictures of the "Trail of Tears"
the_trail_of_tears.jpg Trail_of_Tears_Winter_March.jpg



  • "By the stipulations of this instrument, we are despoiled of our private possessions, the indefeasible property of individuals.We are stripped of every attribute of freedom and eligibility for legal self-defence. Our property may be plundered before our eyes; violence may be committed on our persons; even our lives may be taken away, and there is none to regard our complaints. We are denationalized; we are disfranchised. We are deprived of membership in the human family! We have neither land nor home, nor resting place that can be called our own. And this is effected by the provisions of a compact which assumes the venerated, the sacred appellation of treaty." - letter "Our heart is sickened"
  • "We, the great mass of the people think only of the love we have for our land, we do love the landwhere we were brought up. We will never let our hold to this land go, to let it go it will be like throwing away (our) mother that gave (us) birth." - Letter "Our heart is Sickened"
  • ("Our heart is Sickened")

Secondary Resources

For more information about Cherokee nation go to this site.