I Am Project=

You may choose one of the following Americans to do your research on by adding your name and class to the list, or you may add a historical character of your own choice after getting my OK. Claim a name by adding yours. When you've made a choice click "edit," highlight your name and subject and click "link" (the chain). Click "Add Link." Click "save." Now go do some research.

John Brown-Leah
Frederick Douglass-Andrew
William Clark-Christina
Polk- Edison
Harriet Tubman-Deborah
William Sherman-Peter K
Jefferson Davis
James Buchanan
Clara Barton-Sumin
Mark Twain-Ian
Stonewall Jackson
Anaconda plan
Daniel Shays- Jack
George Pickett-Peter Park
Ben Franklin- Jay
McClellan- Stella
Dred Scott-Rosa
Andrew Jackson
Sojourner Truth
James Marshall
Rose O'neal-Seohyun