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You may choose one of the following Americans to do your research on by adding your name and class to the list, or you may add a historical character of your own choice after getting my OK. Claim a name by adding yours. When you've made a choice click "edit," highlight your name and subject and click "link" (the chain). Click "Add Link." Click "save." Now go do some research.

Ullyses Grant-Yungi
Abraham Lincoln -Minwoo
James Longstreet-Justin
Negroes in the civil war
John Brown-Joon
John Ericsson-Johnathan
Bull Run/Manasas
David Farrugut
Stonewall Jackson-chris
Surrender at Appomatox
John Ross - Jane
Mexican American War
Oregon Trail
James Marshall-Eric
Dred Scott-Jenny
Harriet Tubman-Sarah
William Sherman-Joanne
Harriet Beecher Stowe-Jinhee
Robert E Lee-Diana
Lincoln- John
Lincoln 2-John